EC H2020 Program


For the submission of the project in H2020 program  researcher must prepare two forms: A and B


Structured information:

Cover page

Table of contents
A1. Project summary

A.2 List of beneficiaries

A.3 Overall budget breakdown for the project


Workplan Tables

WT1 List of work packages

WT2 List of deliverables

WT3 Work package descriptions

WT4 List of milestones

WT5 Tentative schedule of project reviews

WT6 Project effort by beneficiaries and work package

WT7 Project effort by activity type per beneficiary

WT8 Project efforts and costs


PART B – Narrative information


Table of contents

B1. Concept and objectives, progress beyond state-of-the-art,
       S/T methodology and work plan

B.1.1 Concept and project objective(s)

B.1.2 Progress beyond the state of the art

B.1.3 S/T methodology and associated work plan

B.1.3.1 Overall strategy and general description

B.1.3.2 Timing of work packages and their components

B2. Implementation

    B.2.1 Management structure and procedures

    B.2.2 Beneficiaries

    B.2.3 Consortium as a whole

If applicable    [Sub-contracting]

If applicable    [Funding for beneficiaries from third countries]

If applicable    [Additional beneficiaries / Competitive calls]

If applicable    [Third parties]

B.2.4 Resources to be committed

B3. Potential impact

B.3.1 Strategic impact

B.3.2 Plan for the use and dissemination of foreground

If applicable    [Contributions to standards]

              [Contribution to policy developments]

              [Risk assessment and related communication strategy]

[B4. Ethical issues] if applicable

[B5. Consideration of gender aspects] optional



More detailed information about application forms you can find on the web site: