The main tool of the Idealist projects is Partner Search program


It is well known, that European Commission framework programs play an important role in Europe in the development of science and technologies. The budget of currently running H2020 program is about 77 billion EUR during the period 2014-2020. Participation of Georgian scientists in it is possible with consortiums, in which all type of organizations (legal entities) are united. During the establishment of consortiums existence of scientific and private contacts is mainly important that facilitates the constituency of the mentioned consortium. This problem is extremely significant for Georgian scientists, who do not possess enough information about relevant European organizations. Creation of the consortium contains at the same time the following procedures of the project preparation: filling of appropriate forms, sharing scientific and financial responsibilities, etc.

Presented by us Idealist project (the local manager of which from Georgian side is EC H2020 ICT NCP Dr. G.Kochoradze) enables to solve the problem of finding partners (as a consortium members) with suggested Partner Search system. This mechanism was firstly launched in the IDEALIST project, which was running in EC 4th framework program and is working until now in new IDEALIST  project.

Partner Search (PS) system is based on a number of key elements: it operates on the network of European and other participating countries National Contact Points’ local networks, which provides quick exchange of information for establishment of international cooperation; it is tightly supervised; each partner search is reviewed prior to being published by the national expert and the Quality Team and checked for applicability and basic correctness. It is proactive in seeking out potential partners, rather than simply storing them in a database, waiting to be discovered by an online user. It targets the Strategic Objectives of the ICT Priority and is call-specific. It is supported locally by the Idealist representatives who assist their researchers to formulate and dispose the proposals on Idealist European net.



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