Partner Organizations:

·   GAC Group, France (Sophia Antipolis), Representative person – Svetlana Klessova


·        PLANET S.A. – GREECE ,

     Representative person – Raphael Koumeri


·        International Environment and Quality Services North Greece Ltd Q (QPLAN NG)

Representative person – Kostas Bougiouklis


·        ATC – Athens Technology Center

Representative person – Dr. Nikos Sarris


·        EFPC Limited, UK

Representative person Michael Remes


·        NEM  (ETP) - new European media

Representative person - Silvia Boi


·        NESSI  (ETP)  -  Big Data Software and Services

Representative person - Kliafas Yannis


·        CeRISS, Athens, Greece

Dr. George Bonas Managing Director of CeRISS


·        Department of the NAVY, UK

Representative person – Jacob Hodges


·        Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

               Representative person - Alex Grishin


·        GIRAF Company, Germany   www.

Representative person - Andrea Loesch



                Representative person - Andrey GIRENKO


·        ERCIM - the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics, France,

                Representative person - Dr. Pierre Guisset


·        ICT-C  -  Information Society Technologies Centre,  Armenia, 

Representative person – Prof. Levon Aslanyan


·        R.I.T.A  -  Regional Information Technologies Academy, Azerbaijan,

Representative person – Tofig Babayev


·        BELISA - Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Science & Technology Information Support,

Representative person  -  Tatyana Lyadnova


·        The Lviv State Centre of Science, Innovations and Informatization

Representative person  -  Ivan Kulchytskyy


·        CEIS -- Centre for Industrial Economics and Services, Romania,

Representative person  -  Andrei Dospinescu


·        ASM - Academy of Sciences of Moldova,

Representative persons -  Igor Cojocaru, Rodica Cujba


·     Center for Fundamental and Applied Research Funding, Moldova

     Representative person -  Dr. Elena Zamsa


·    STCU Georgia Representative office   

     Representative person - Dr. Akaki Peikrishvili,


·     GRENA –  Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association

               Representative person - Dr. Ramaz Kvatadze


·      Steinbeis Europa Centrum, Germany, Representative persons: Robert Gola, Daniela Chiran and Iuliana Nichersu.


·      Slovak Agriculture University in Nitra,  

               Representative persons: Prof. Peter Bielik and Zuzana Lajdová,


·        Technical University in  CLUJ-NAPOCA,

     Representative persons: Mihai Dragomir, Sorin Popescu


·     Polish Cluster Association

Representative person: Krzysztof Krystowski