Georgian Clusters National Platform (GCNP) is a non profit (non-commercial) organization (LEPL) and was founded by the following 4 independent organizations: International Center for Advancement of Research, Technology and Innovation (ICARTI), Agency of Strategic Initiatives, Golden Fleece Capital, City Institute Georgia on 7th March 2017 in Georgia.

GCNP is open for receiving new members, which should be legal entities and in exceptional cases (according to the decision of the management board) natural persons as well.

The main goals of the established Cluster organizations in Georgia are: mapping of existing clusters, analysis and identification; formation of new clusters and their internationalization; formation of Foresight Centers, Smart Specialization Strategies (S3), etc.





ICT National Contact Point (NCP) network and Innovation and Business Support network


The main objective of Idealist 2018 is to reinforce the network of National Contact Points (NCP) for ICT under Horizon 2020, by promoting further trans-national cooperation within this network. Idealist2018 aims to address national and cross-border audiences, relying on the NCP network mainly established in the MS and AC at national and regional level, to stimulate, encourage and facilitate the participation of current and future ICT research stakeholders in the European Research Area (ERA).

At the same time Idealist is an international ICT partner search network, with more than 65.000 contacts. Today  the  Idealist   network consists of 32 ICT national partners  from  EU  and   Non-EU  Countries,  such  as  Associated   States,  Eastern European Partner Countries, Mediterranean Partner and others, which are in line with the international cooperation strategy of the European Commission.


News in H2020 are demonstrated on the following Web Site: